Prototyping tools galore

Five years ago all we had to design screens with was pen and paper and a bunch of tools that weren’t really optimised for the job (e.g. Visio / Powerpoint etc).

Sketching with pen and paper is still crucially important, but we can do so much more these days
Sketching with pen and paper is still crucially important and when done on a whiteboard with a few other people it’s also good fun.

Still, time has moved on and tools have evolved, so now there are a bunch of amazing tools out there to help you create prototypes of various fidelities and for different platforms.  So below is a list of a few, which I intend to add to over time.

You can also read this article with a few words on select tools.

Please add comments if I’ve missed anything!

Interactive Prototyping Tools

Static Wireframing / Sketching Tools

Bootstrap Frameworks

I’m purposefully not commenting on the pros and cons of each because I think it depends on the user and their needs.  But again, please let me know in your comments, which one you prefer!